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September 2, 2018  See 1974 Norton 850 Commando Rebuild and 1972 Norton 750 Commando Rebuild. Besides a completely rebuilt 1972 Commando Combat, there are extra parts from both and they are for sale - see below for some of them.  So far, 1972 Crankshaft in great condition, pair of good conrods, set of 850 cases, two gearboxes, a good 850 frame, a decent complete wiring harness, and lots of small parts.

August 16, 2018 While looking for parts, I noticed a non-titled 1974 Commando for sale. On a whim, I placed a bid not expecting to win, but I did. I paid way less than I expected. It's being used for the 1974 Norton 850 Commando Rebuild.

November 5, 2016, we bought a huge lot of British motorcycle parts. A stuffed 11' van, and a 8' bed Ford F350 were able to hold 2/3 of it. The rest has since been picked up and is in storage.

There are lots of BSA and Triumph Parts, some Norton parts, and more. Unfortunately for us, there was a lot of junk to be sorted through to find the good stuff.

Quite a few items have been listed and sold on eBay, and more will be as time permits. Anything you see listed on eBay as "Buy it Now" or any auction that has no bids can be bought direct from us at a 7% discount from the eBay price. Just write to: and say what you want.

We have lots of fenders and small parts that we don't know what they are for. If you're trying to replace a bad part, send us a picture and we'll see if we have a better one.

We have some good rims and hubs and we can strip those with bad rims and sell the hubs as is, or restored, or powdercoated.

We have about 100 pounds of nuts, bolts, and other hardware in varying condition. Let us know what you need and we'll try to find it.

We have lots of axles.  Let us know what you need and if you have a picture, send it.

We have lots of BSA Fiberglas side panels and several Triumph Trident Fiberglas side panels.

Norton Commando Parts

These items are currently for sale here only:

Parts 1 Parts 2 Parts 3 Parts 4 Parts 5

These too.  They can go together or separately.

Parts 6 Parts 7 Parts 8 Parts 9
Burlen, the parent of the AMAL Carb Company    The AMAL Carb Company     Tri-Spark, inovative electrical products for the Vintage British Motorcycle    Wassell, the 70 year old suppliers of British Motorcycle parts
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