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US Flag Monday, August 10, 2020
Coming Soon!

We've designed a Battery Voltage/Oil Pressure Monitor system for Vintage British motorcycles. It will work with bikes that have an oil pressure switch, and will also work with some that don't. The kit comes three ways:
  1. Everything required for Norton Commandos.
  2. The required electronics for bikes with an existing oil pressure switch.
  3. The required electronics for bike without an existing oil pressure switch when you don't care about monitoring oil pressure.
The electronics default to positive ground, but we can supply negative ground if needed.

The system leaves the bike looking stock and uses a single LED. Here are the indications:

Ignition off or engine running with low/no oil pressure: Red
Engine running with good oil pressure and good battery voltage: Green
Engine running with good oil pressure and high battery voltage: Amber
Engine running with good oil pressure and low battery voltage: Off

So, in normal operation, the indicator should show green while the engine is running. The LED is MUCH brighter than the original lights so it's easy to see.

The prototypes are built and tested and the production run of printed circuit boards has arrived.  Unfortunately, I had to have foot surgery 5/9/18 so I'm a little behind.  I hoped to be shipping now, but must spend most of my time with my foot up which makes it real hard to assemble boards!

You can read the draft user's manual here.

Send us an email if you are interested and we'll let you know when we are ready to ship.  Request More Info

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